Teens: Believe in Your Worth and Purpose – But Do It NOW


Life can offer you – a way out.  This way out is the opportunity to live at half-a-life-level.  Don’t believe in yourself and see others as more beautiful, more talented, more intelligent, etc.etc.  You can stay on the static level of non-doing, non-believing and watch others soar.  You can remain watching these people complain and add your excuses: but some of the people soaring do not have sight, do not have hearing, cannot talk and may be paralyzed.   They are soaring from a bed, unable to use their limbs and using their mouths to type keys to the internet.  Helen Keller (deaf, blind and unable to speak as a child) – went on to get a university degree.   She learned how to speak but she could never hear.  Right now, some children are walking miles to learn – they are frightened at night as tanks rolls by their rooms and plane can drop bombs at any moment.  Yet, they are courageous to learn – to play music – to write poetry – to believe that there is a tomorrow where they can live.