For Girls: Air India’s All Female Flight Crew


International Women’s Day is held every year on March 8th.  This happens because girls and women do not have the same rights and opportunities in many countries.  You may be aware that Malala, a Pakistani girl, was shot in the head just for going to school.


Air India and an All-Women Crew

On March 5, 2017, Air India decided to do something very special for International Women’s Day.  A plane was flown from India to California and back to India by four female pilots and a crew of all women.  In fact, this plane flew around the world.  Here are the four women pilots:

       The four female pilots of the huge plane

This Was Not a Small Plane

This is one of the biggest planes in the world.  It had to show that women pilots could do the job.  In fact, everything about the flight was operated by women.  There were:

1) Women Engineers that checked the engines

2). Women who fuelled the plane

3) Women traffic controllers around the world who made sure the plane took off and landed at various places

The Long Flight that Went Around the World.

When you look at a flat map – you can see the flight that started in India and flew to California.    But, in reality, pilots take a global route that looks like this….flights are often over the north pole.

This is NOT a Competition Between Females and Males

If you are a boy reading this, try and understand that it is not a competition.  Girls and boys are equal – both have good brains, but unfortunately, in many parts of the world – boys get better education and better chances to do things.  This all female flight was to encourage girls around the world to fulfill their dreams.  Like boys, girls can go to school and become doctors, lawyers, scientists, pilots, engineers, inventors, writers, sports stars.

And to the girls – hope you enjoyed this article.  And dream – and study and become who you want to be NOW and in the future.