Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller Get Big Checks/Cheque on the Jimmy Fallon TV Show


How cool is this?   Sell something and find yourself on the evening television?   This is what a Girl Scout did and she found herself on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Want a Big Check/Cheque, Too?

Katie with Jimmy Fallon

Katie Francis was thrilled to talk to Jimmy Fallon.   She told him that she had spent seven happy years in the organisation (Brownies/Girl Scouts).  She was proud to have been all ‘cookie’ (biscuits) records of over 100,000 boxes.   Jimmy Fallon bought a box -I am sure he bought more afterwards. Then he had someone come out with a huge blown up check/cheque for $15,000 dollars.   Katie could not hide her surprise.

Katie Worked Hard 

When Katie was waiting to walk on to the Jimmy Fallon Show, I am sure she looked back at all the hard work that had got her this far.   For weeks, she sold boxes of cookies/biscuits in freezing cold weather. She sang and danced to keep herself warm – and to pass the time – when customers were probably warm in their homes.

Katie used her time selling in the knowledge that every box sold would help the Girl Scouts of America.   Some companies are in poor neighbourhoods and need money to buy uniforms.   Katie was a ‘sister’ to these girls.   We need to be ‘brothers and sisters’ to kids who are not in our immediate family.  Be kind.  Never bully.  And, be happy.