The Wedding of the Painted Doll – Lyrics from 1929

When I was in kindergarten, our class sang and acted out this song.  I was a flower.


It’s a holiday today’s the wedding

Of the painted doll

It’s a jolly day the news is spreading

All around the hall


Red Riding Hood

and Buster Brown

The jumping jack jumped into town

From far and near they’re coming here

Church bells ringing, bringing

All the little dollies

From the follies, with their painted cheeks

Little Mama doll has fussed around for weeks and weeks


Shoo the blues, no time to lose

Rice and shoes will spread the news

That it’s a holiday,

Today’s the wedding of the little painted doll

Here come the bridesmaids

Look at them in their places,

Look at the fancy laces

Look at them as they smile

All sorrow away

Here comes the bride now


Look at the little cutie

Look at the little beauty

Look at the little doll

It’s her wedding day

Here’s the preacher man, oh look

As he takes his little black book

He’s assured he knows his stuff

‘Cos he’s done it often enough

Here comes the bridegroom

 Ready for the service

 Just a little nervous

 Hears the preacher say

 You’re married to stay