Solar System Quiz for Kids – You Can Cheat and It’s O.K

This is a great opportunity to get the answers and it’s NOT cheating.  Just look at the charts.

  1.  What is the third planet from the sun?    a) Earth   b) Mars  c) Jupiter                  d) Venus

2.  What is the hottest planet in the solar system?    a)Mars   b) Venus                  c) Jupiter

3. What planet is closest to the sun?    a) Venus  b) Jupiter   c) Mars

4. What planet is closest to the earth.     a) Venus  b) Jupiter  c) Uranus

5.  What is the brightest planet in the sky?  a) Venus  b) Mars.  c) Earth

6. What planet is nicknamed “the red planet.?”  Venus  b) Mars  c) Jupiter

7. What is the smallest planet in the Solar System?  a) Venus b) Earth           c) Mercury

8.Which planet is furthest from the sun?   a) Venus b)Neptune  c) Mars

9. What is the second smallest planet?     a) Mars   b) Venus  c) Jupiter.

10. What is the largest planet?     a)Mars   b) Venus   c) Jupiter

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Planet Quiz Answers

1a.  2b.  3a.  4a.  5a   6b  7c.  8.b.  9 a      10 c




General Knowledge: Ten Multiple Choice Questions for Kids

the brain

Keep building your knowledge.  Your brain is like a muscle – keep exercising it to make it strong.   Choose an answer and write down the corresponding or correct letter.  Scroll down for the answers.

  1. Who stole Christmas in a Dr Seuss book?

a) The Grinch   b) Wizard of Oz   c) Robin Hood

2. Name the pirate enemy of Peter Pan?

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

a) Captain Bad     b) Captain Hook   c) Captain Rum


3. Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

a) Bishop   b) Queen   c) Pawn

4. Which sport has a slam dunk?


a) basketball     b) field hockey     c) football

5. What colour jersey or sweater is won by the leader in the Tour de France?

a) red     b) blue     c) yellow

6. Wellington is the capital of which country?


a) Australia     b) New Zealand     c) Canada


7.  Sahara desert is part of this continent

a) Africa     b) Australia     c) South AmericaUnknown-5

8. What is the largest planet in the solar system?

 a) Mars     b) Neptune     c) Jupiter

9. What kind of animal is a feline?Unknown-11

 a) fox       b) cat       d) dog

10. The Holy Book of Muslims is….


a) The Koran    b) The Bible   c) The Torah

Now Scroll down for the answers:




  1. The Grinch      2. Captain Hook    3. Bishop   4. Basketball    5. Yellow          6. New Zealand    7. Africa    8. Jupiter    9. cat   10. Koran