No.1 Girl Scout of Cookies Sales – How Many Did She Sell?


Fifteen year old Girl Scout, Katie Francis lives in Oklahoma City, USA.   Girl Scouts are called Girl Guides in other countries.  I was one, maybe, you are in Guides or Scouts, Brownies or Cubs?

Imagine How Many Boxes She Sold

Katie Francis has been in the organisation for seven years.  She smashed all recent cookie sales (biscuits) by reaching 100,100 bones.

How Does She Do It?

Katie has told everyone that she has three rules:

  1. “Time” – You need to devote as much time as you can.
  2. “Commitment:” – You have to want to do it.
  3. “Ask Everyone.:” – Don’t get shy if a few people have refused.  Keep asking.

 Use every hour of the day
Cookie season usually only goes on for a few short months each spring. That means there’s no time to lose, says Katie.
“I go out selling cookies until I get home at night. And on Saturdays I sell all day long. I take every single hour that I can to go sell,” she says.
Do A Good Set Up
“I make sure that I have all my signs ready. I have a few that I put up on my cookie booth that advertise what we’re doing for that year — what my goal is, what my troupe is going to be doing,” she explains.

“Whenever there’s good weather a lot of girls are always out so the market gets kinda saturated, and other years it’s absolutely freezing and snowing, and not many people want to stop at a booth to buy,” Katie notes.  But, she knows that if she is there in bad weather, people like her commitment.

)It’s not a contest – be kind to other cookie sellers
Besides, she notes, “one of the last lines of our Girl Scout law is ‘be a sister to every Girl Scout,’ and everyone always follows that. It’s really amazing.”

 Sing and Dance
When sales are slow, she explains, “I like to sing and dance to help attract customers’ attention.”
“I’ve sung songs to Christmas tunes, Girl Scout songs and popular songs. ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ is a real popular one,” she observes, citing the tune from Disney’s “Frozen” movie.
Even if you are not a Scout or Girl Guide, you can learn from Katie Francis.
She does not give up.    She thinks of others because the sales helps other
Scouts and Guides.   Be the best that you can be.