Kids: Here are Some New Year’s Resolutions To Think About

Nearly everyone on this earth, kids and adults are challenged to become better people.  Many do not wait until the New Year to change for the better, they do it on a daily basis.  However, there is something exciting about a New Year.  We can remember the good that we did and continue to improve on it.  As for mistakes, we can learn from them and try not to repeat them.

Adults will tell you that they have broken resolutions soon after they made them.  Sometimes, it is because they made a promise to do something that is very difficult.  For example, giving up smoking is very, very hard to do (so don’t start smoking).  Adults sometimes do something that is hard too often.  For example, they might try to work out the gym every day.

The secret to success is to pick a couple of things that you think you can do.  For example, improve things like saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ MORE OFTEN.  You can challenge yourself to saying these words, say 5 times a day or 10 times a day.  You can say ‘thank you’ for food that is cooked for you or the laundry that is done so that you have clean clothes.

Try saying ‘hello’ to a senior or older person every day or every second day.

Give one compliment a day – maybe up to three.

You can Pick from Some More

Decide not to bully anyone.   Decide not to lie.    Decide not to cheat.   Decide not to steal.  Share.

If you are in a religious family – thank God for food, clothing, shelter, seeing, hearing, walking, talking etc.

So when 2017 comes along – be a better person that last year.  You can do it!