Chapter Look at New ebook about African Animals

Here are the Chapters for my new ebook, Jabari and the African Animals – which will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple iBooks.



Come with Me to Tanzania.

Chapter 1 – Rangers On Patrol

-Saving the Animals from Poachers

-The Orchestra of Nature

-Noon: Big Cats Rest while Their Prey Gives Birth

Chapter 2 – Anansi: The African Trickster Spider

–How Anansi Gets the Stories from the Sky God.

Chapter 3 – The Sick Cheetah Cub–

-Life in a Maasai Village

Chapter 4 – Getting Quickly to Night Camp

–  The Lion Quiz

Chapter 5 – Stories Around the Campfire

-Mount Kilimanjaro:  The Fable of Two Volcanoes

-How Jabari Met His Wife

Chapter 6 – The Discovery of the Poachers’ Fire Camp

-A Rush to Head off the Poachers

-The Legend of the Hyena and the Baobab Tree

Chapter 7 – The Shot That Warned the Poachers

–The Poachers Out-Number the Rangers

-The Deadly Puff Adder Snake and Jabari

-Rangers Have Problems Contacting the Army

-Ahmed Goes Into Action Against the Poachers

-Good News from the Maasai Village