More on Architecture, Buildings and Design for Kids –

This is the second article on architecture, buildings and design.  I think this is important for school kids.  Perhaps, you have built with Lego.  Perhaps, you have made furniture for a dolls house and helped your parents choose furniture. Maybe, you are good at art and like designing things or making things out of wood or clay.  Girls and boys have wonderful choices.

A Career for the Future?

Some students know at an early age what career they might like in the future.  Students often change their minds – all of this is o.k.  Here are some more    buildings.  At one time, a young girl or boy sat in a classroom like you and later went on to have a career connect with buildings.

Girls and boys can become architects, designers, furniture makers, painters or large murals inside buildings, etc. etc.  You don’t have to choose now.   Here are more interesting buildings – beautiful outside and decorated inside.