Vesak: A Festival to Honour the Life of the Buddha

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Vesak, or Visakha (pronounced way-sak celebrates a great and holy man who lived in India before Jesus Christ. His name was Saddhartra and he was born a prince. Today, we know him as Buddha. His follows celebrate his birth and his knowledge of things that are holy. Such knowledge is known as Enlightenment. The Buddha achieved this when he decided not to be a prince. He had lived in luxury and had never seen death, hunger or suffering until a day when he walked  out of the palace. This day changed his life.   He put on a simple robe and walked around searching for knowledge. Buddha like many great men and women learned that love is superior to hate and peace is important in the world. He saw that people are unhappy when they keep wanting things. When they get the things, they want new things.

When is Vesak Celebrated?

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The festival of Vesak is celebrated in May when there is a full moon. Most men become monks and they go out every day with a begging bowl. People who give food to them are blessed. Most of the time monks are meditating or chanting.  During Vesak, it is the custom to wear white clothing.

There are women Buddhists and they are called nuns.

Vesak: Thanking the Buddha

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To thank the Buddha for his teachings, people in the festival of Vesak, light candles and oil lamps. They present the monks with flowers and put flowers on statues of the Buddha. The Lotus flower was used by the Buddha in his teachings. It can be found everywhere in this festival.

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