Macau: Highest Bungee Jump is over 70 Floors High

The world’s highest bungee jump.

Ever wondered who made the first bungy jump?




It happened in 1979 in a British city called Bristol.  Three university students jumped 250ft (76 m) off a nearby bridge.  They had learned that people from the Pacific Island of Vanuatu had used vines todo jumps from high places.
David kirke, Geoff Tabin and Simon keeling continued to jump from American bridges.

Girl bungee jumping from Macau Tower

The word “bungee” or bungy seems to mean “anything thick and squat” and it comes from a northern English part of Great Britain.

The Bungy Business

In 1986, seven years after the English jumpers, a man called A.J Hackett was the first New Zealander to jump off Auckland’s Greenhithe Bridge.  This man now owns the highest bungee jump in the world that is located in MACAU.

World’s Highest Bungee Jump

Leap from 764 feet (233 m) off the top of Macau Tower, that is 70 storeys high, so imagine getting in an elevator and pushing the 70th floor.


Macau Tower