Martin Strel: Swam the Entire Amazon River (5,268 km or 3,273 miles)

Martin Strel was born in Slovenia in 1954.  He is a long distance swimmer who has swam the entire length of  some of the world’s longest rivers.  These records were confirmed by the Guinness World Records organisation.

Here are the rivers:

2000—Danube  (3,004 kilometres (1,867 mi)) in 58 days

2002—Mississippi  (3,885 kilometres (2,414 mi)) in 68 days

2003—-Argentina Paraná River (3,998 kilometres (2,484 mi))

2004–Yangtze   (4,003 kilometres (2,487 mi), the longest river in Asia, and 3rd longest river in the world.

2007—Amazon  (5,268 kilometres (3,273 mi) -longer than the width of the Atlantic ocean.  It took him 66 days.  The boats that accompanied him poured blood into the Amazon to distract flesh eating fish!

Martin has stated that the Nile is not challenging enough for him.

Why Does He Do it?

Obviously because it is a great accomplishment.  His motto is “”swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters.”

See his documentary, “Big River Man.”