Bite me! Mosquito Facts for Kids


Bite me is really incorrect.  A female mosquito actually pierces your skin.

This female mosquito is piercing your skin.

Only dragonflies and birds like mosquitoes.  They attack this annoying insect that measures from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch and has wings and an antenna.  As a human, you may have felt the mosquito before you saw it.  Only the females “bite” but the biting is really a piercing of your skin with their “proboscis” that sucks out your blood.  If you look at a mosquito closely you will find that it is mainly a pale brown with shitish stripes across its abdomen.  It has six legs.

The Tiny Draculas of the Insect Kingdom

Like Dracula, the female mosquito wants to suck your blood.  It uses the protein in your blood to be able to reproduce.  The males feed solely on plant juices.

The Dangers of Mosquitoes

The red colouring on the world map shows countries where there are dangers of getting a disease from a mosquito.

You and I have been bitten many times, but in some countries a bite can result in deadly diseases such as malaria, yellow ever, encephalitis and dengue.

Types of Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes seem to like to annoy EVERY living creature.Some mosquitoes feed only on snakes, frogs, lizards or other cold-blooded animals. Other mosquitoes prey on members of the bird kingdom, while others prefer to attack cows, horses and other farm animals.

Eyes that Stay Open

Mosquitoes cannot focus their eyes like humans.  Their eyes remain open to help them detect quick movements.  And they do rest or sleep.  They have two compound eyes.  Each eye contains thousands of six-sided lenes that point in all directions.  The great seeing is helped by the fact that their wings beat more than 1,000 times per second.  This results in the ‘buzz’ we hear.

How to Cut Down the Population

If a female mosquito can find water that is stagnant (does not move) it will be happy to lay up to 200 eggs.  Stagnant water is found in swamps and marches and tree holes.  Humans need to cover containers such as water-filled barrels, buckets, wheelbarrows so that females do not lay eggs.  Swimming pools that are poorly maintained are also a breeding ground. Eggs hatch within three days.  We should never hurt dragonflies because these clever insults fly and hover like helicopters as they eat mosquitoes and black flies.

The spray with DEET does not kill mosquitoes, it makes them dizzy and they go somewhere else for food.