Mother Nature: Explaining Her To Kids

When you see a flower, do you think of it as being alive?

When you see a stream or a river, is it alive?

The answer is “Yes” to these questions.

Flowers, Trees and Bushes:      Not only are they alive, but they are like a supermarket that gives food to hungry birds, bees and other insects.

Water is Alive:    It is part of Mother Nature’s gift to us all.   We must not let garbage/rubbish/litter make its way into the water system.  Birds, animals, reptiles and humans need water to live.

Who is Mother Nature?

She is not a human, but like the wind that we cannot see, she is real.  She cares for all that lives.

In 2018, make a promise to look after nature and all things that live.   Mother Nature will ‘thank you.’

NEVER throw stones at cats or birds or seagulls – if they are hit, they are in pain and cannot go to a doctor for pain killers or help.