Baby Elephant Orphans Find Loving Home in Kenya


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a home for orphan elephants.

It is located in Kenya, Africa.

The continent of Africa with many countries. Kenya in green is one of Africa’s countries.

Elephant tusks are made of ivory and while getting ivory means killing an elephant, some people still use ivory as jewelery.  While poachers are often killed or put in prison, the huge money for killing elephants for ivory is a chance that poachers take.

The Elephant Orphanage

David Sheldrick lived for many years and rescued elephants and rhinos whose mothers were killed for their tusks.  He is now dead but his wife, Daphne, runs the orphanage.

David Sheldrake
David always had a love for all African wildlife

Dame Daphne Sheldrick

Queen Elizabeth II has honoured Daphne by calling her a “Dame” to put before her first name.  Daphne, like her husband,  has devoted her life to caring for orphaned animals, particularly baby elephants.

Daphne has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth with the title of “Dame”
Dame Daphne

Orphan Elephants

Orphans arrive at the Sheldrick home in a frightened and hungry condition.  They have witnessed humans kill their mothers and so they are frightened and have to learn to trust the kind workers at the Sheldrick orphange.

Little elephants soon learn that these workers are their friends. They get food and blankets to keep them warm. Their keepers often sleep with them to keep them company.

During the day, their keepers also play with them and take them for walks.  The elephant nursery can have babies that are two months to one year old.

Tourists Help

Tourists are welcome for one hour in the morning.  The entrance fee is about $5 USA dollars which is about 4 pounds sterling or 4.50 euros.  This is a very small charge.  Limiting tourists to just one hour makes sure that the babies do not get stressed and it gives the keepers an opportunity to do their other work.

Adopt an Orphan Elephant

A class or school can adopt an elephant for $50 USA dollars. Sometimes, a family can adopt one – that would include grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and brothers and sisters.

A picture of your adopted elephant will go next to the map of Africa

The Sheldrick orphanage also adopts and cares for animals other than elephants.