2010: Six Year Old British Girl Receives Her Black Belt

article-1338563-0c774c7c000005dc-952_634x691Six-year-old Kechelle de Souza Dalton doesn’t get much trouble from bullies, and here is the reason why.

In 2010, Kechelle became the youngest person in Europe, and possibly the world, to receive a karate black belt.  She watched him from her pram and started making some of the moves.

Brother Lamar 

Lamar was 13 when he received his black belt in karate. He is proud of his sister who received her black belt earlier than him.   She watched him from her pram and started making some of the moves. As soon as she could talk, Kechelle wanted to take karate lessons.   She never hits other children because she knows that karate is self-defense.

When Kechella Was Attacked.


One day Kechella was attacked by a bully.  He kept hitting her.   Kachella warned him that he would be sorry if he continued with the hitting.  He did not stop.  The next time he raised his fist to hit her, Kechella blocked his fist and punched him hard.  The boy landed on the ground and started to cry.

Kechella Pracrtises Hard

Kechelle practises five days a week in different areas of London, England.  When she gets home from these practises, Kechella still does karate moves until she is sent to bed.

The Future

Kechelle can’t wait to be old enough to take part in championships.  She believes in herself and her talents.  Remember her name as she is determined to be a world champion.

If you love sports, remember that you don’t have to be a champion.  It is more important to enjoy the game and have fun with your team mates.