Kids: Making 2018 A Great Year

Hello and Happy New Year.

Have you noticed that many grown ups make promises that they hope to keep each time a New Year begins?

Why do they make these promises?  It is because every New Year, we have a chance to make it a better year than the last one.  We get chances to improve and do things better.   Many adults try to stop smoking or promise to exercise more – they also try to smile more and be kind.

Kids Can Do the Same?     Have you made promises for the New YEAR?

SEE if any of the following are on your list.  They are good promises because they help you and other people.

We can’t stop wars, but we can stop fighting in class or on the school play yard.

We can’t stop world hunger, but we can pop a can of extra food in mom’s cart and give it to the box that helps the poor – often called the Food Bank.


  1. I will never bully anyone and if I see it happen, I will report it to a teacher.
  2. I will try not to loose my temper so much.
  3. I will apologise when I do something wrong.
  4. I will stop calling people names, because this hurts a person.  It may take a minute to call a name, but that person may hurt for hours or days.
  5. I will try to get more exercise.
  6. I will cut down on junk food.
  7. I will say ‘please ‘ and ‘thank you’ and hold doors open for people.
  8. I will be a friend to myself – by doing my homework and reading, because reading is in every subject and I want to do better in school.
  9. I will help around the house: wash dishes, keep my room tidy and thank  whoever cooked my meals.

10.    I will never, never, never hurt an animal or bird because they suffer in pain. Throwing stones at birds and animals gives them great pain and unlike humans, they cannot get pain killers.