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It was Dolly’s birthday. Brenda and Jeff took her to their favorite pet store.



“Dolly, pick out a toy for your birthday,” said Jeff.
Dolly barked and wagged her tail.

Brenda laughed when Dolly came back with a shining blue ball.


“So you want us to play baseball with you?” Brenda said as she paid for the ball.
Dolly barked and wagged her tail.

The Kelly kids had decorated Dolly’s bed with colored ribbons. Mrs. Kelly took out a small doggie birthday cake.

Dolly had good manners and took small bites. The children had their own small birthday cake with Dolly’s name written on it.

“Well, kids,” said Mr. Kelly. “Let’s take Dolly and her new ball to the park.”

Brenda and Jeff took their baseball bats. Dolly sat down in the hallway, and waited for Mr. Kelly to put her on a leash. She wanted to chase that blue ball and bring it back again and again and again.


Jeff wearing his favorite blue baseball uniform pitched the ball towards Brenda. His sister watched the ball carefully and then, wham! slam! bam! She hit the blue ball hard.

The ball bounced off the grass.
It bounced off a park bench.
It bounced off a small boy’s head                                                                            And it bounced into a baby stroller.


The mother pushed the stroller with the ball in it to the grocery store. “Goo, gee, gah!” cooed the baby, when he found the ball. “Coo, wee, coo!” he gurgled with happiness. He showed it to every customer who told him what a nice ball he owned.

Now, the baby’s older brother was jealous of his new brother.


The mean brother grabbed the ball out of the baby’s hand and threw across the store.

The ball hopped over the vegetables.


It bounced over the ice cream


It whizzed over the tin cans



and it bounced into a grandmother’s shopping basket.

image065 image067






The grandmother did not notice the bouncing blue ball. She took her basket to the checkout girl.

Suzie wasn’t paying much attention and did not see the blue ball. She was too busy thinking about meeting her boyfriend after work


“Only one more hour to work before I see my boyfriend, Larry.”

The grandmother took a taxi home from the grocery store.


 The grandmother opened the front door and put her basket on the kitchen table.
“Holly, golly!” said the grandmother when she saw the blue ball. “I’m much too old to play with you!.” The blue ball was disappointed because lots of grandmothers played ball. This grandmother walked. outside. She opened the trash bin and plopped the ball inside it.


The bouncing blue ball was now all alone and in the dark. It had really enjoyed being hit by Brenda and sailing over the trees and into that baby’s stroller. The bouncing blue ball really liked the baby, but not his mean brother. Now, the blue ball felt that no one wanted it. It felt sad.

It wanted to continue to bounce and make children happy.

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