The World’s Tallest Cow Ever – Blosom Dies in 2015

Blossom and owner Patty Hanson
Blossom and owner Patty Hanson


If you are human and your height is 6ft. 4 in. you are considered to tall.   Can you imagine being that size and having a cow the same size as you?

In 2015, the world’s tallest cow of all time died. Her name is Blosom and she is in the Guinness World Records book.

Blosom received a lot of attention for being the world’s tallest cow – EVER!

Sad Accident

In May, 2015, Blosom had a leg injuiry from which she did not recover. Blosom lived on a farm in Orangeville, in the USA state of Illinois.   Her owner was Patty Hanson who loved her and said, “The funny thing about Blosom was how unaffected she was by all the attention that seemed to surround her. As long as she had her oats, and daily chin rubs and ear scratches, life was good.”

I am wondering how Blosom had her chin rubbed? I guess this was done when she was sitting down.


Blosom’s Mom and Dad

Patty Hanson has said that Blosom was the daughter or calf of a normal sized bull and cow. Her owner just could not believe the size thatBlosom became.

Guinness World Records

Editor-in Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “We hold our tallest animals at Guinness World Records in an extremely high regard due to their uniqueness and rarity in finding.

“We were devastated when we heard the news of Blosom’s death as she was such a friendly and gorgeous animal and her owner equally as wonderful and took such great care of her.

“She is definitely one of the standout highlights in our upcoming book and we hope the world enjoys seeing the pictures of her.”

The Previously Tallest Cow.

The previous record holder for the tallest cow ever was Mount Katahdin, a Holstein-Durham cross who, from 1906-1910, stood at 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) to the shoulder and had a girth measuring 3.96 m (13 ft). Yet, this cow was not as tall as Blosom.

Blosom the Loved Cow.

Patty treated Blosom just like any other household pet and loved nothing more than spending time with her out in the field.